With us you will focus on your business!

We provide reliable, fully managed hosting of collaborative tools for your team!

We take care of infrastructure!

Our infrastructure is hosted in established data centers. Access to servers is restricted to authorized personnel. Rooms are fitted with smoke detection systems and 24/7 surveillance systems.


Your data is safe with us!

We use ZFS file system to keep your data safe. Backups are taken daily and sent to remote localizations.


Security is our priority!

We strive to fix security issues as soon as fixes are provided by vendors. Regular updates are performed accordingly to our updates schedule.


We are here for you!

Our team is here to help you with any issue and to advise. We monitor your applications 24/7 and aim to fix any detected outages proactively.


Free SSL/TLS certificate

TLS provides encryption and integrity for your data in transit. It's essential for security and we enable it out of the box. Free certificates are provided by Let's encrypt.

Custom domain

You can configure custom domain for your application so that it matches the rest of your infrastructure. This is essential for building trust to your apps.

Automatic upgrades

You don't need to worry about security vulnerabilities and aging software. We apply security fixes as soon as they're released by vendors. We also upgrade your applications according to the updating schedule.

Soft quotas

We don't want to be an obstacle to the growth of your business. Limits and quotas are soft - you'll receive notice about exceeding the limit. You may decide whether you want to reduce amount of used resources or to upgrade your plan.

Extra month free

If you decide to pay for one year upfront you'll get one month free.

No setup fee

We don't take money for setting up your applications. You just pay monthly fee - simple as that!

Free 14-days trial!
With Runateam.com you get a free SSL/TLS certificate, automatic upgrades, no setup fee, and more.


Modern, self-hosted messaging across web, PC and phones, built on open source software


A safe home for all your data


The leading product for the entire software development lifecycle

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